Welcome to the studio.  KLB has been working at JPC Post Studio since mid-2012, in collaboration with Technical Producer John Preketes.  We’ve recorded almost every track for our first album with John, and also a series of intimate studio performance videos which were streamed live online.  Way cool!  Here are a few of those performances.

Studio Performances

Kayt performing Three Little Words:


Michael Menegon performing his song If Only You Were With Me:


Jp Merzetti performing his song Cinderella Fairytale with Kayt:


JPC Post Studio

Meet John Preketes!  We are pleased to present this brief interview with John as he takes us on a tour of JPC Post in Toronto.


(JPC Post Studio Tour and Interview)

Toronto Studio Tour

In the summer of 2012, Kayt went on a “Studio Tour” of Toronto.  She visited five major studios to record sketch tracks for the use of KLB band members when learning new songs.  What an experience!  Here is a photo diary of that experience.


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