…is at least half the fun!

When the band gets together, we really do have a great time.  The music brings us together, but it’s the camaraderie that keeps us looking forward to sharing that music and all those good times with each other.  Some of our friendships go back for decades, while others are brand new.  And sometimes new band mates feel like long lost kindred spirits.

When I was putting the band together, I felt like we just hit the right crowd, amongst us, by pure good fortune.  Looking back on it, it was the beauty of the friendships as well as the brilliant complimentary nature of our music, that made it work.  I truly believe that music is a community-inclusive adventure, so it was easy to identify great musicians who might make a great match for the band.

Here is a goofy edit of the original four KLB members making our way to rehearsal.  It includes a clip of one of the tunes:


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