I Hear You!  I Hear You Too!

Kayt On Listening

I wonder, can you remember the first times you heard your favourite bands?

The first time I’m aware I heard Fleetwood Mac was on Much Music in the  mid-eighties.  It was the song Little Lies, and I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.  The song and the video left such an impression on me that it was all I wanted for Christmas!

The first time I heard the Pixies was in a friend’s car in the early nineties.  I was singing along immediately, and my friend wondered if I’d heard it before, having hoped to introduce me to something new!  The album was Surfer Rosa, and it’s still on high rotation at my house.

…Or your favourite players?

The first time I heard Michael Menegon, KLB drummer, play was while taking dance classes at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre in 1995.  I wanted to sit close to the kit because I wanted to be infected by the music.  When putting KLB together, Michael was the first person I called.

The first time I heard Roy Buna, KLB electric guitarist, play was during an open mic.  He was paired with me because I was trying to play my little standard mandolin in a bar, and I needed a bit more volume to the sound.  Having never heard each other play, we discovered how much we understood each other’s style and delivery.  Magic.

What was the first KLB tune you ever heard?

Kayt Lucas Band Player


How Do You Collect Music?

The following is a series of questions about how folks have their favourite tunes around these days.  SO curious to know!  Since we’re pretty sure you might be curious too, we’ll post the results as soon as it looks like we have enough answers to get some results.  Please take a minute to check out these ten questions!


Survey Results


Hey Listeners!


How do you listen to music?  Are you a words-first, or a music-first kind of listener?

Please use the leave-a-reply section below to tell us what you think you do!

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