Ideas ideas ideas!!!

What are your favourite songs about?

What is KLB’s work about?  What is at the heart of the songs?

Click to discover  The Subjects Of KLB

What’s next?

What is Kayt writing about these days?

Here are a few topics that are currently on the table:

Dance, quitting bad habits, true freedom, feeling vulnerable, being at home, rush hour traffic in Toronto, the sexy wink of a local celebrity, power-tripping national leaders, folks who’ve forgotten how to love, teens on the cusp of adult feelings, self confidence, cabin life, knitting, winter and winterkill, huge parties, subways and the subconscious,  girl talk…. love, love and more love (of all kinds)!

What topics would you like to suggest to Kayt?


What do you like to write about?

Many of you are thinkers and philosophers as well! 

What are your over arching themes?  What ideas do you return to again and again?

The comments area below is open for philosophical discussion.  Enjoy!!!

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