Happy Mind


It comes and goes.  I’ve learned not to look for it, but rather notice it when it’s there.  I have huge faith in appreciation.  When I find myself in awe of a happy moment, it stays with me longer because I’ve become aware of it.  I’ve felt the sensation of feeling it.

Sometimes, singing, I feel this onstage, but I most often I become aware of happy moments in rehearsals with musical friends.  Sunsets make me happy, and they last long enough to be noticed.  Same with the very best gatherings over the holidays.  Same with camping in the rain, when all the tarps are perfectly rigged.


With all of the senses, there is one whole experience, so it’s important to take it all in.  All of it!  I wonder if I don’t get caught up in the experience of a singular sense sometimes.  Like taste, for example, are there moments when I narrow my field of perception to taste?  (Oh chocolate!  Oh raspberries!)

When I write music and other things, there is…


Years ago, I made a list of activities that I felt myself 100% focused for.  Things like, pouring milk into my coffee and threading the eye of a needle.  I can recall feeling this way when I used to work up in the air as a rigger, balanced on beams at a great height.  Concentration on drawing, painting and sculpting occurs for sure!  Likewise for activities like skiing, rollerblading and dancing.

For a short while, after a particularly traumatic part of my life, I lost my ability to focus for lengths of time.  It was like beginning again, as a small child, to relearn how to do it.  Meditation helped.  Getting enough sleep helped.  Finally, taking several years to express the fallout from the event, my creativity helped me to redevelop the ability to focus for longer and longer stretches.  I never imagined that one’s concentration could be damaged, but it can.  I’ve seen others lose it due to drug use, personal losses or their own traumas.  It’s not uncommon at all.


Learn, learn, learn!!!!  I can’t know enough.

Sometimes I think I’ve got a bit of a picture of how much there is out there, that I haven’t learned yet.  A moment later, it dawns on me that there’s no way I could ever know that.  In this day in age, there are countless ways to make everyday be a learning day.


I like to read stuff everyday that makes me consider happiness and engages my mind in practicing toward having a life of goodness.  Here are a few places online that I like to visit for this.

The following is a link to delightful and thought provoking articles by Tamara Star.  Take a few minutes to explore her site and the subjects she writes about.  She really encourages a practice of cultivating a happy mind.  Her weekly mailings are full of great ideas too!:



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