Happy Body

“Will I ever know the truth?  Does my body really understand?”  -Love Without Love by KL

The Body Of Music

Two KLB members come from extensive backgrounds in dance, and the rest of us have been lifetime musicians.  Our relationships with the physical demands of playing are undeniable.  We’ve all faced the challenges of keeping our bodies in tune for practice and performance.  For all of us, it has been a lifetime of learning from those challenges and improving in our craft all the while, and in many cases our obstacles have become our teachers.

When I moved from the dance world to the music world, I had to reconfigure how I take care of my body.  Almost everything changed!  As much as it is different though, the learning I did as a dancer has informed the way I approach my physical care as a singer and mandolin player.  (Taking care of my fingers instead of my toes!  Kinda similar though.)  Finally, I knew that while it had been inevitable that I’d have to stop training for the profession of dance at some point, my life as a musician may last for the rest of my life.

“There’s more to life than pain, and looks, and money and gain” – Fallen Star by KL

The Best Things About Pain

Being curious.  “I wonder why, I wonder how, I wonder when, I wanna know now”  – The Plan by KL

Wondering why something hurts is the best way to start healing.  The next likely step is actively searching for information about injuries or blockages, and their possible treatments.  How wonderful is it that we have access to so many styles of medicine from all around the world, and the internet to help guide our inquiries.  Making discoveries about the causes of pain can be very exciting!  Often the knowledge gained from one’s curiosity about health problems is worth having had the pain in the first place.

Being vulnerable.  “I want to be free for love. Without my souvenirs I could give you enough”  – Shatter So Fast by KL

How is it that emotions can cause us physical pain?  For those who spend significant time with the embodiment of their passions, it is easy to understand how our flesh, blood and bones carry the energy of our emotions.  For those who don’t it seems mystic and weird.  Physical pain that is accompanied by, or seemingly caused by emotions, can be devastating.  It is so very useful to allow the connections to be made between the aches of hardship and the stresses of life.  Music, dance, yoga and many other forms of exercise and meditation can help induce healing for both the physical and emotional aspects to a health problem.

Being accepting.   “Buried treasures, dug up from my skeletons, and made to shine again.” – Sweetness by KL

Pain can be so inconvenient.  It often seems to come at a time when it would be better for it to have announced itself at any other time.  Unfortunately, the nature of pain is to emerge exactly when it is least wanted.  Impossibly, it is also when we most need to listen to our bodies and hear the message that the pain brings.  Truly, it saves us from worse problems.  It stops us from going too far.  It is the ultimate life raft when we’ve fallen off balance.  It’s the loudest voice, when we couldn’t hear the murmurings of health problems as they developed.  Time to listen.

Being amazed.  “Light as air, top of my breath”  – The Traveller by KL

Life is life.  It happens, and our bodies take so much every day!  It often amazes me how much we walk, and how many times we breathe in a lifetime.  How many heartbeats, how many delicious meals, how many sleeps, and yet we continue to live unhindered from day to day.  When I look amongst my friends and family, it has occurred to me that many of them wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for the wonder of medicine.  Also, I’m glad they took care to be pro-active toward staying alive for a while longer.  So very glad!

Being courageous.  “I go forward with shining eyes, and I try.”  – I Woke Up by KL

I’ve occasionally had a sense of the real causes of a certain kind of pain, but not wanted to face it.  It has been my experience that I desired to prolong the pain rather than make changes in my life.  How to summon the courage!?  How to do it before the pain worsens?  Firstly, it is a decision.  When one acknowledges that it is time for courage, it will come.  I’ve written many little bits into my music to remind myself of this, in order to strengthen my convictions and be more open-minded when it’s time to make changes.



Here is an amazing blog by Susan Eichhorn-Young for singers to enjoy:


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