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Hello Concert Lovers!

How often do you go to concerts?  What are the best concerts ever!!!!!!!!!?

Sooooooo curious.  I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours!




Kayt’s All-Time Fave Concerts

Ok.  For real.  My #1 favourite concert ever was Bruce Springsteen at the Skydome in Toronto.  He asked if they could open the roof, and they did!!!  There was a full moon and Mars was visible in the sky as well.  I wasn’t even a huge fan going into the concert, but I gotta say, I was made a die-hard admirer that night.  Bruce is the most charismatic performer I’ve ever seen.  He seemed to know how truly ethereal the setting was that night.  The whole stadium was transported.

My second fave was Greenday at Molsen Park in Barrie Ontario.  The power went out to some of the lights late in the show, but not the sound.  They carried on, and it had the feel of camping out with fifty thousand of my closest pals.  It was the first time I ever saw the audience raise the glow of their cellphone screens instead of lighters!  Amazing.  Finally at the end, there were big fireworks behind the stage, and when those were over there was a pause before a truly massive fireworks display went off, up the hill behind the audience.  It was awesome.

The One Best Concert Ever


Tell us what the best concert you ever saw was. 

In the leave-a-reply section below, briefly describe what it was like.

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