Band Gear

KLB members love their instruments like family, and the loving interchange between them is the heart and soul of our sound.

Please enjoy our stories about them!


Standard Florentine Mandolin: Flo

Flo was my second mandolin.  The first was given to me years ago by someone I used to know.  When I realized how much I enjoyed playing it, I traded it, saving some money and using some birthday cash from my mom to purchase Flo.  I remember finding her in a second hand shop in Toronto.  Feeling drawn to her, I realized that I was making a very important purchase.  Little did I know how much we’d learn and create together in the years to come.  She plays so smoothly, and her tone is clear and expressive!  As much as I love her, tuning is like a sibling rivalry, but we always get there.  After all, she is family, and she’s very much alive.


For approximate specs, please follow this link to Washburn’s site:


Octave Mandolin: Bene

Bene is the love of my life.  Specially made by Peter Allan Sawchyn in Regina, Manitoba, Bene is a one-of-a-kind beauty.  His gorgeous full tone and octave-down range are perfectly matched to the character of my voice and song writing style.  When Bene met the band for the first time, it was like a spell had been cast over us all.  He’s really special.  His name, Benedict, comes from the three years of waitressing tips that I saved, serving endless plates of eggs and hollandaise, but the name also describes his distinguished, and seemingly experienced, presence.  (I just looked up “benedict” on Wiktionary and it says: benedict – A newly married man, especially one who was previously a confirmed bachelor.  Hmm.)

Bene, on his day of arrival.  I'm in love.  (The box he came in, in background.)

Bene, on his day of arrival. I’m in love. (The box he came in, in background.)

For specs, and a tour of Peter Sawchyn’s awesome website, follow the link:


Acoustic Electric Piano: Oscar

Oscar came to me with a stroke of good fortune.  I’d been looking for a really good electric piano to fit into my apartment, because there was no chance of my playing an upright and having all the neighbours tune in.  A friend of a friend posted that he wanted to sell Oscar (as yet, unnamed), and I was lucky enough to be the first to respond.  Oscar is a touring piano, built in the 1980s, but he never toured, so he looks perfectly new.  I love how he looks casual, travels well, sounds fabulous, and plays like the best pianos I’ve ever had the pleasure to encounter!  I call him Oscar, after Oscar Peterson, whose music reminds me of playing cards with my family when I was a kid.  The best thing about Oscar is that we can make music without either power or light.  So without bugging my neighbours we occasionally enchant at 3am.


For specs and history, here they are on site by Pianoteq:


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