Welcome to the blog.  Here is the page of newest wonder for KLB folks, Poets and Explorers.  Feel free to browse our conversations and experiences and leave your own comments.  We love to hear from you!

Of course you can always find Kayt Lucas Band on Facebook and Reverbnation (, but this is the real community right here.  We’re thrilled to be meeting people who love music, and all the things about music that we just can’t stop talking about!  The start-up of this blog, website and play place was an easy next step, to connecting and creating a forum for all these conversations.

The band will be celebrating two years in a few months, and we’re reeling from all that’s happened since the first show in 2012.  Throughout the members site you’ll find a virtual scrap book of our works, performances, discussions, interviews and lots ‘n lots more.  Look for links to the store, where you can find more cool stuff, of both the online and tangibly real varieties.  With so very much creativity amongst the artists we work with, we had to bring the focus together.  In this interactive website we’ve fashioned, all this is possible, and much easier to find for you!

First things first.  Are you an Explorer?  Or are you a Poet?  What brings you to the music and community of KLB?  We’re excited for you, to find out and join our conversations!  Welcome.  Welcome.  Welcome.

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