KLB, Photo by Frank Veal


Members Get The Whole Story

You’ve made it!  Thanks for coming.  Glad you could join us.

Please enjoy your exploration of the Explorers and Poets online hideaway.  We’ve had so much fun bringing together all the parts of our story, and we’ve been looking forward to sharing them all with you.  Take your time!  Look around.  This site is for you.

Feel free to comment on, respond to, and engage in any of the outbursts of creativity you may discover.  You are welcome here.

It is our hope that you will all meet one another, in the spirit of community.  KLB is a big fan of people meeting other people.  Music really does bring folks together, so this creative playground has been designed online to do just that.

Very pleased to meet you!  KLB

Kayt Lucas Band Player



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